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USA Harvested Fuel

Not your average fuel company. Our goal is to provide you, the racer, with the highest quality ethanol fuel on the market. You won't find large facilities or see marketing campaigns flooding the internet, but you will find a small team dedicated to provide you with the best experience possible. We let the fuel and the service speak for itself! 

  • Why chose Ethanol Fuel?

    Many people have heard horror stories giving ethanol a bad name. The most common myth is that it causes corrosion in fuel systems. Ethanol itself is not corrosive in any form - the issues are created by what the fuel is blended with. With our line of fuels, you will never have a corrosion issue.

  • Why chose Ignite Racing Fuel?

    So, there are a variety of reasons that you should consider ethanol. All of Ignite Racing Fuel's products are ethanol based, so they burn cleaner—which is better for your engine and the environment.

  • Improve & Extend Engine Life

    Ignite Racing Fuel is a cooler-burning fuel, which also extends the life of your engine. And, most importantly, Ignite provides more torque and power for the speed you demand. 

Ignite Racing Fuel Products

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Where it all began

Unlike other companies that just blend chemicals without knowledge of the fuel, we are involved from the very beginning. Ignite is proud to be farmer owned and operated. In fact, the pictures above were taken during our harvest season! We plant and harvest corn every year, which is then taken to the local ethanol plant (started by the owner of Ignite) to be converted to fuel grade ethanol, and finally brought to our shop where we blend the fuel with high quality denaturants to create the fuel you know and love! Do you know where your fuel comes from?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Corona Motor Worx Have To Offer?

ECU Tuning with EVP Power Flashes

Increase your Side by Side's horsepower and overall performance with Tuning Software designed by Evolution Powersports. ECU Power Flashes unlock higher top speeds, power, diagnostics, and more.

Custom SxS Big Engine Builds

The power and torque output of our Power Flashes has been carefully measured by EVP in their dyno lab during their development process & prior to our real-world testing performance tests. Corona Motorworx is proud to offer these upgrades to your machines, as they are truly unmatched.


Top racers & race teams choose EVP Power Flashes – and the results of countless races have proven that these flashes provide the power and safety needed to finish in front. Talk to the Corona Motorworx staff TODAY about getting your machine flashed!

Remarkable SxS Design Styles & Features Found Nowhere Else

The same ECU calibration tools used by OE manufacturers allows access to the entire ECU, not just simple tune road maps that you will get from other companies. This provides for the ultimate in control, modification, and upgrade possibilities.

Highest Quality & Personal Customer Service

Continuous testing and evaluation in a dynolab and in every outdoor off-road condition is used to prove software with these parts is the best on the market. Corona Motor Worx is looking to ensure we deliver the absolute best quality, most powerful and continuously tested ECU Power Flash possible.

Installation, Troubleshooting & Support

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