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Can Am Maverick X3 Mini Catch Vent To Atmosphere for EVP E85 Tune Moisture Ventilation (Evolution Powersports Ethanol FIX)

Can Am Maverick X3 Mini Catch Vent To Atmosphere for EVP E85 Tune Moisture Ventilation (Evolution Powersports Ethanol FIX)

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Emptying Catch Can Oil is a thing of the past! FastUTV has a solution for Can Am X3 E85 Stock and Turbo EVP Tuned Ethanol catch can vent-to-atmosphere engine problems.

Can Am Maverick X3 Mini Catch Vent-To-Atmosphere for EVP E85 Tunes - Moisture Ventilation (Evolution Powersports Ethanol FIX)

Divert the moisture build up in your ethanol running engines and keep the contaminated water and combustion gases from interacting with your oil.  Without FastUTV's Patented Can Am X3 Valve Cover, Ethanol running E85 Tuned Can Am X3's are having problems with safely running ethanol fuels and not having significant premature engine wear and damage.

Check out our YouTube explanation videos for more visual details!

Since we can’t see inside of these engines when they are running, we’re trying to show you what we see when we take them apart during diagnostic efforts and for rebuilds. Every single e85 running engine we take apart has significant premature wear. We found that running ethanol fuels in these engines is a real problem for longevity. We found that spec built engines running ethanol with big injectors, 1300cc on stock fuel pressure, and big turbos, making around 280 wheel horsepower have an expected lifespan of about 40 hours. We predict stock motors with stock turbos will last around 150 hours when running e85 fuel. Why? These engines weren’t designed to run on ethanol fuels. They have no way to vent the water produced from the combustion process out of the engine. The water stays in the engine and dilutes the oil. These motor oils we run can handle quite a bit of water contamination before becoming milky; that’s not saying it’s okay to have any water in your engine. With our patented system, we can get rid of all of the water produced by high performance engine tuning running e85 and higher ethanol content fuels. We get it out along with all of the other combustion byproducts from hydrocarbon fuels also, saving your oil and your engine from breakdown and carbon buildup. #canamx3 #canam #x3 #sxs #utv #glamis #race #e85 #turbo #boost #dyno #engine #motor #tuning

You’re gonna see something like this on all of our big power cars, and our customer builds this coming season. This is critically essential to vent the water out of your engine when running ethanol fuel. Bed deleted cars have all of this room, so we get to mount it there. If you’re running e85 with 1000cc injectors, we have a system to make your engine last. Big turbo systems with 1300cc injectors, rising rate fuel systems, etc. need the full system we offer here. We are able to mount this in the traditional frame tube location also for all the full bodied cars. Got the same concept coming available for the turbo RZR cars also!  #e85 #vent #system #engine #ethanol #fuel #sxs #utv #canamx3 #canam #x3 #polarisrzr #polaris #rzr #rzrturbo #proxp #motor #motosport #dyno #performance #turbo #glamis #offroad #horsepower #coronamotorworx #corona #california #fast #fastutv #boost

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